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Dr. Kam Yuen
Chinese Energetic Medicine Founder


November 2006

Dr. Yuen now offers online workshops and Tele Clinics


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Thoughts on Mastery

When I began my martial arts training, I discovered that it was hard, even painful work. It required time and dedication. Then I was told that there were teachers who sold blackbelts for a price. I couldn’t understand it. The promotions and belts that I earned came hard, at great personal cost but in my heart I knew they were truly mine. I had earned them along with the respect of my master, a wonderful teacher who I later learned had made out belts with his own hands, so important was our progress to him. No purchased belt could ever compare with those I had earned yet, I learned another, more important lesson. As a sign of respect from a master I revered, the belt had value but in comparison to the priceless discipline I had learned and the power it gave me over my life, the belt seemed unimportant.
My message to my fellow students of Dr. Yuen’s technique is this; It is not the diploma, degree, certificate or belt that matters. What matters is what you’ve learned, how it changes you for the better and how you use it to help others and make a contribution to the world. In the words of the TV Kung Fu Master, “ It is the journey that enlightens, not the destination”.
For those of you who do not feel as I do, let me make some suggestions:

First, if you want to pay a lot of money to buy rather than earn your credentials, be careful whom you pay all that money to. At least verify that they are certified as masters themselves. I am one of Dr. Yuen’s earliest students of CEM and one of the few people legitimately certified by him as a practitioner and advanced instructor of his technique. I would never presume to certify anyone as a teacher or master without his permission and I, personally wouldn’t want my certification from anyone but the master himself. I certainly wouldn’t pay for certification from someone who wasn’t even certified as an instructor at all.

Second, if you want to pay a lot of money for a worthless piece of paper, why not buy a doctorate from one of those non accredited universities that advertise all over the place. That would at least give you a better allusion of prestige.

Third, remember that those who would profess to simply sell you something that most people have to legitimately earn, harm not only the teachers and schools they are attempting to undercut, they also harm those who buy from them. Not only do they waste a lot of money on a worthless piece of paper from a bogus teacher or organization, but they also allow themselves to be robbed of a chance to earn self respect, fulfill their true potential and make a valid contribution to their world.

Having had the opportunity to correspond with many of you out there, I feel certain that if you choose to obtain certification, you will choose to earn your credentials legitimately and use what you have learned to make the world a better place.


I'm pleased to report that after a conversation with Dr. Yuen , he sounds better than ever and looking forward to continuing his teaching. I told him that I had a number of requests for more workshops in New York where he has trained so many practitioners and instructors already. He told me he was considering it when the weather gets a bit warmer. Anyone who would be interested in some New York workshops, let us know by e-mailing your name and contact information to I for one look forward to having him back teaching part of the time in the Northeast!! Thanks again for all the support you have sent. It means so much !!

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Sincere thanks to all the loyal students who have offered their assistance and communicated their support for Dr. Yuen. We all look forward to our continued training with him in the very near future