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Dr. Kam Yuen
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Betty is the founder and director of East-West healing located in Westchester. She is a licensed health care professional trained in both Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been personally trained by Dr. Kam Yuen. She is one of the first Certified practioners and the first Certified Advanced Instructor of his healing technique in New York State. She is certified by Dr. Yuen to teach all levels, Basic through Advanced of his method of healing. She may be contacted by e-mail at and toll free at 877-571-9790 for information on training or on using Dr. Yuen's method as part of a healthcare and wellness program.

Students wishing to join a free online practice group may apply by clicking on the link below:

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If you are seeking assistance or information or on how to combine Chinese Energetic Medicine with your patients or your own healthcare regimen you may visit a new group set up and run by a healthcare professional who has studied with Dr., Kam Yuen for 9 years and is a certified practitioner and advanced instructor of his Chinese Energetic Medicine. The group is free to those seeking assistance. To apply, click on the link below:

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Patients wishing information on combining Chinese Energetic Medicine / Yuen Method with their Western Medical treatment may e-mail their questions directly to